About us

The International journalistic humanitarian center (IJHC) is a project of the Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) aimed at gathering information on humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. The mission is to collect inquiries from hostilities victims and to inform the international community about the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians.

The task is to establish direct communication between Western philanthropists and the regions of Ukraine that have suffered the most from Russian aggression since February 24, 2022.

This is a platform for those who need help and those who want to help. A place where bilateral cooperation will take place to support the affected people.

We distribute the collected and processed information on the Facebook page of the center and among foreign journalists who cooperate with us. More than five posts about Ukrainian victims are published daily on the center's FB page.

AUP writes about real humanitarian disasters in Ukraine. About those who urgently need basic resources to survive. About those who need food, clothes, medicine, and financial help. Those who were left without a roof over their heads.

IJHC activities

AUP does not provide personal financial assistance. Our front is purely informational. We were the first in Ukraine to introduce the term "information volunteering". We introduced it in the first week of the war - in early March 2022. It is important for us that the world does not lose focus on what is happening in Ukraine. Therefore, we urge everyone who cares to join.

Information volunteering is not ignoring posts about humanitarian catastrophes: spreading and liking them on Facebook. After all, one of your likes or reposts gives a chance for additional dissemination of information on the network. Commenting by you and your friends makes a post-boost among your subscribers.

We are open to any information interaction. If you have data on Ukrainians in need of humanitarian protection, please share it with us.

Send us links to charities that raise money for ordinary people. Write about the needs for clothing, food, and medicine.

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History of IJHC

After February 24, 2022, the AUP raised the acute question of how we can be useful to our society and what activities will be on time. This is how the idea of creating an International Journalistic Humanitarian Center arose.

It is worth noting two parameters that we were guided by when creating this project. The first is to inform the world about the humanitarian disaster that has arisen in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. The second is a gathering of those who need humanitarian protection and those who want and can provide such protection. information is the first and key parameter. We do not know when this groundless destruction of everything Ukrainian will come to an end, but we are convinced that it is impossible to remain silent. Thus, since the beginning of March 2022, the AUP has been collecting inquiries from victims of hostilities and informing the international community about humanitarian disasters.

Together with journalists working at the IJHC, we independently search, verify, process and disseminate information about victims of the Russian invasion. A project is also a tool for supporting regional Ukrainian journalists who have lost their jobs and financial assistance. Thanks to the project, they use their professional skills to carry out an important humanitarian mission and contribute to the victory of Ukraine.

We are extremely impressed by the unity of the Ukrainian people. Entrepreneurs who have been in business are now volunteering. They donate their real estate to shelter displaced persons, use their warehouses to pack humanitarian aid, seek out vulnerable populations and provide them with necessities.

These are the realities we see every day. Therefore, we would be very grateful if we could get even more informational support.

We are waiting for the victory of Ukraine, and we are fighting our pain every day!

The faith and unity of Ukrainians cannot be bombed - the whole world already knows about it!

Last modification: Wed 3 Aug 2022